Add your name to the list of Marylanders who are ready for less testing and more learning in our public schools.

  • The average Maryland student sits for more than 200 standardized tests throughout their time in school.

  • In some Maryland districts, students take more than 50 hours of standardized tests in one year.

  • 95% of Maryland educators – a near-unanimous consensus – say there’s too much standardized testing in schools.

We're fighting for

  • Setting a cap of 2% for how much instructional time can be devoted to mandated standardized testing.
  • Ensuring that the PARCC test cannot be used in teacher and principal evaluations, which only encourages heightened focus and pressure on standardized testing performance.
  • Applying to the federal government to seek innovation in testing so districts can experiment with performance-based assessments rather than PARCC.
  • Establishing state and local assessment task forces to evaluate what tests are truly useful to educators and students.
  • Allowing for the opt-out of any testing for special education students/parents when an approved IEP accommodation is not allowed.